Making impactful change to your organization is impossible without the ability to see and understand your business.
ORCHID finds, connects, and visualizes your data across your organization to illuminate possibilities and accelerate growth.

Connect // Illuminate // Organize // Do

ORCHID doesn’t simply connect your data, we DO.

We are a process-based agency that approaches each opportunity with openness and optimism rooted in a systematic approach. Anyone can analyze data and send it to you – taking that information and organizing it, implementing simple and efficient processes, and delivering concrete results that build value is what ORCHID does.

Our clients are Owners, Operators, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Disrupters. They are dedicated leaders who need to accelerate their growth and force multiply themselves. Too many great ideas—ideas that can change the way people think, feel, interact, and live—get stuck on a white board and never get realized, simply because of resources and time.

ORCHID exists to ensure your vision comes to light and makes an impact.

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paragon + paradigm

Paragon and paradigm are immersive education opportunities that provide an in-depth understanding of the implementation and execution methods necessary for operating a quasi-specialty business unit within a community pharmacy.

Paragon – Individual training workshop | Branded marketing collateral | On-site operational training | Market analysis and development plan | ORCHIDilluminate live dashboard | Rubicon access | Rx pad

Paradigm – Regional training workshop | Stock marketing collateral | ORCHIDilluminate static report | Rubicon access | Rx pad


Illuminate is a targeted process that finds, connects and visualizes your data across your organization to illuminate possibilities and accelerate growth.


Grow is dedicated to continuously delivering up-to-date clinical programs, emerging drug analyses, and updated Rx pad protocols to ensure the on-going success of your quasi-specialty program.


Grid is an established network of professional and experienced marketers and providers that ORCHID connects to local community pharmacies with the ability to meet the demand of their quasi-specialty service needs.

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